brutalist headphone

brutalist Headphone - Redbull Station - São Paulo - 2016

Brutalist Headphone (headphone, concrete, mp3player) is part of the Brutalist Intensities series created during the artistic residency at RedBull Station in São Paulo. 


Brutalist Headphone. Headphone, concrete, mp3 player. Redbull Station. São Paulo, 2016. ©Ignacio_Aronovich


Brutalist Intensities is a sere of projects (A minute of silence, Flood, Brutalist Headphone, Urban Silence Cartography, Fade in Fade Out and Luminescence) created during two months at Rebull Station residency in São Paulo. All these projects came out as an attempt to elaborate my sensory susceptibility to the city.

The overlap of intensities brings into question the city development meaning, which is close to collapse. An example of this collapse is the acoustic environment as a manifestation of intensive flows. Recent data indicate that 75% of complaints in Environmental Prosecutor of São Paulo are related to high levels of noise and noise disturbance. These numbers denote the condition which our senses are exposed. The effect is the anesthetization of body, mind and sensitive matter, daily undermined by intensity, not only the sound but also the smells, luminescent and multiple sensory accumulations.

As the city, Redbull's building, which was once a power substation, is crossed by force fields that impregnate its walls. Living in this building invoked me intensive reminiscences overflowing the memory of the physical space, contaminating subjectivity. Pursuing these multiple and intensive sensory layers, emerged the projects I named Brutalist Intensities. An attempt to elaborate sensorially experiences through the intensive that cross my body in relation to space and the city which are not always lived smoothly. 

Brutalist Intensities arise from bodily encounters with intensities (sonorous, Luminous, olfactory, tactile and kinetic) which establish forces that suppress somehow my existence. Ways of being affected by the territory habitat, its transit and occupation. The projects are based on a daily search for life openings confronting the sensory brutalism that surround us. In some way, the pieces reveal an attempt to map disruptive forces,  which are at the same time a desire to create anti-spaces opened to other intensities. A search for access various intensities that are out there but become smaller front of the brute daily coexistence with the metropolis. The proposal is to enable micro-perceptions present in the body, indicate paths in the sensory field that need to be invented as a set of tactics to slow down, rest, daydream, muse, open fields of subtle intensity that has been taken by storm by the Brutalist effects of the city.

Summarizing Brutalist Intensities proposes a sensory dialogue between body and environment. It observes the intensity through the body in a relationship with the territory, making use of simulation and dissimulation as tactics to maintain the ability to enhance the body and the life on.


São Paulo, 1st July 2016.