museu Arte Moderna - Rio de Janeiro - 2020

Dissimulation is a participatory audiovisual intervention platform for mobile phones.

The work explores technologies literally in our hands to transform them into a collective sonic instrument. The work explores resources embedded in the devices – tiny speaker, microphone, wifi network, sensors, etc. – to create a participatory, dynamic, diffused, portable, and dissimulated electro-acoustic environment capable of articulating several participants in diverse sonic situations. 

 Museu de Arte Moderna - Rio de Janeiro - Feb. 2020.

Dissimulation explores a reverse way to use the cellphones in our daily life. Instead of using a mobile device to connect with someone far away, Dissimulation invites the audience to disconnect their smartphones from the Internet to connect them with others in the same place. As we know, the cellphone embodies the paradigm of permanent connection. Paradoxically the excessive connectivity results in a state of isolation from the contemporary subject. 

Exhibition Strange Things - Berlin - Jan. 2020.

Looking back to the last decade, we can recognize how fast the cellphone has become the most popular technological gadget in our contemporary life. In Brazil, for instance, the number of smartphones registered has overtaken the country's population of 210 million in 2019. Its ubiquity reveals the state of constant and voluntary monitoring, the logic of the" electronic necklace" pointed out as a paradigm of the controlled society. Dissimulation attempt to explores this paradigm in the contemporary sonic context. 

Intervenção jardim Museu de Arte Moderna - Rio de Janeiro - Fev. 2020.