Metaremix - Duo N minus One - São Paulo - 2011

Metaremix is an archeology essay of the just-passed moment confined in the implacable memory of a machine whose vocation is to remix the past. It's an archeology of an instant unfolded in repetitions and recombination.


The performance is divided into two parts. The first consists of an improvisation with everyday objects that produce sounds, such as two recorders that play old songs, children’s flutes and small percussion instruments, bicycle horns, children's party whistle, etc. The sound and image of improvisation are recorded, and later the recorded material is automatically re-mixed with itself (edited and later mixed) by a device created in Max/MSP and Pure Data. In the second part, the performers leave the scene and the remixed movie is displayed.

Alexandre Fenerich and Giuliano Obici are N minus One (n-1)


N minus One