Chapa Quente (Hot Plate) in an instrument made by zinc blade, springs, contact microphone and amplification system (amplifier + speaker). The instrument was inspired by one of several instruments that composes Geralda (multi-instrument of Tato Taborda). In this work, the duo explores the rich timbre from the scenic gesture (by tapping, rubbing, folding plate) using it for different objects such as bows, several sticks, and even the engine itself as speaker exitator exciting and the feedback signal.

"Chapa quente" - literally hot surface capable of hurting (burning the skin) - is a popular expression used to describe a danger situation. The duo explores the plate boundary as skin (ear), the space between in and outside, from the feedback of the audio signal, the microphonie and the strength of gestures. The name of the instrument was given in memory of the attacks in November and Dezember 2010 in the city of Rio de Janeiro that led the duo to cancel a show at Plano B.

Chapa quente: Microphonie xxx