1. Spawned by Giuliano Obici and Alexandre Fenerich, N-1 came to life in July 2007 presenting itself in festivals, concert halls, galleries and bars. Under the umbrella of experimental music the duo explores the diverse processes of sonorous-musical creation.

  2. Jardim das Gambiarras Chinesas (The Garden of the Chinese Gizmos) spreads itself through the stage revealing a paraphernalia of quasi sound instruments: shards of musical instruments, dismembered domestic appliances (broken record players, distorted radios, home-made synths or cheap electronic musical keyboards ‘prepared’ by circuit banding, computers, type writing machines, selected vinyls, relay machines, short-circuited cables, sound distortions, tin cans, music boxes and static sounds) which are played in loop. 

  3. Micro cameras unveil the dance of the objects and the gestures of the musicians. Lilliputian characters of disproportionate sizes appear through the digital zoom: dolls of different orders (plastic animals, playmobils, toy soldiers, aliens and gigantic gallinacea) are incorporated to the set so as to create their own performance.