The performance is divided in two parts. The first consists in an improvisation with everyday sound devices like 2 old turntables playing lonely old songs, child flutes and percussions, bicycle rings and buzzes, party whistles etc. Sound and image' s improvisation are recorded. Later the recorded material will be automatically re-mixed with itself (edited and subsequently mixed) by a patch created on Max/MSP and Pure Data. In the second part the performers leaves the scene and the remixed movie is showed. Two computers do the job: one for image and another for sound. They are connected by a network and so syncronized; one of them 'bangs' the recorded material in several layers; the other following his instructions. The proportion of each internal part of the second part is based on a numerical serie. The “play session” follows those numbers.

Program Notes:

Metaremix is an archeological essay about the almost-present instant (that just happened) confined by the machine's implacable memory whose vocation is to remix the past. Archeology of the instant unfolded on repetitions and re-combinations of itself.