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The proposal of Laptop Choral emerged from collective spaces (hack lab, workshop, lab, and meeting) where the personal computer belongs to contemporary ecology.

During its elaboration, exchange information, experiments and tests have been realized at the following spaces/events: PD meeting in Berlin (CBase, NK and Studio Weise 7), Cooking Data (private party for friends, laptops and experimental food), pool computer lab (Technische Universität Berlin) as well as workshop (festival Wien Modern - Vienna).

Work in progress

Laptop Choral is a work in progress which develops a process that is related with another work: Metaremix (2010), Lanhouse Concert (2010), and Laptop Choral the first version designed for the piece BARE BRANCHES by Pia Palme for the festival Wien Modern / e_May Oct 2012. The video documentation on this webpage displays some parts of the first version.

This work is part of a research about the use of computers in live electronic performance, which approaches the following topics: digital lutherie; meta-instrument; gesture; intervention, network music; sound art among others thems.

Laptop as meta-instrument

Using devices already integrated in laptops, for instance: sound-card (microphone and speakers), video-card (camera and screens), network communication (wireless connection) – Laptop Choral explore the Personal Computer as a simulacrum player.

As a portable meta-instrument, that combines different medias and software, the laptop could be thought as platform able to operate as an audiovisual studio in real time ( recording, transmitting, sampling, cutting, editing, synthesizing sound and image).

In these aspects laptops merge operations as well as functions (meta-media): record, transmission, reception and reproduction of audiovisual material. A kind of performative simulacrum which melts and hybridizes the notion of instrument and instrumentalist, performing characteristics aspects of own medias.

PD meeting at Cbase - Berlin

workshop Wien Modern (img. Pia Palme)

stage Wien Modern (img. David Palme)

Cooking Data (img. Malte Steiner) Berlin

Some aspects and strategies that Laptop Choral addresses

- simulacrum choir

- distributed instrument

- laptop as an autonomous and portable meta-instrument / an audiovisual live platform

- performedia – performantiv of media process

- one laptop for each performer-voice (no fixed number)

- depersonalize and re-personalize the private object PC (Personal Computer) in a Simulacrum Choir

- make audible and visible information and data which express the “persona” of each laptop and your owner;

- use the laptops as a conceptual character and representative gadget of techno consumption and information society that mediate the creation, distribution, use, integration and manipulation of  information in a significant economic, political, and cultural context.

- amplify inter-personal relationships in local place, disconnecting for a while the virtual space;

Next_Generation ZKM Karlshrue

Next_Generation ZKM Karlshrue

Next_Generation ZKM Karlshrue

What is it?

Is an audiovisual performance for laptops based in a local area network (LAN). Using devices already integrated in computers (sound-card , video-card, network communication), Laptop Choral explore the Personal Computer as a metamedia instrument as well as a simulacra performer. 

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Cine Teatro - Ourique

Sesc Belenzinho - São Paulo


+ Sao Paulo - ETA - Sesc Ipiranga - 21-28 Mai. 2015.

  1. +Ourique - Artes Performativas, 10. Out. 2014.

  2. +Sao Paulo - Co_Operar - Sesc Belemzinho, 17 Set. 2014.

  3. +Recife - B3, May 2014.

+ Berlin - Labor Sonor, 31 Mar. 2014.

+ Karlsruhe - Festival Next Generation - ZKM, Jun. 2013.

  1. + Viena - Festival Wien Modern E_May, Out. 2012.